Dave's PWC Rules

When people get into PWC (jetskis, waverunners, whatever you want to call them) - they often run into problems early, because these machines have some signficant differences from your family car or even other boat engines. I continually talk to people and during the conversation come to a point where I say "ack, stop doing that, you are going to break it"....

So, here are Dave's rules for improving your PWC experience.

1.  The hose (flush kit) is for flushing salt water and debris out of the exhaust system. ONLY!!
This means it is NOT for testing and tuning on the trailer.
It is also NOT REQUIRED (on any ski) for the water to be on to start the motor.
If you want to test start a ski and let it run for 30 seconds or a minute, that is fine. You won't hurt anything by running it "dry".


2.  The primary killer of two stroke skis is a clogged carburetor.  
This is expecially true for skis that have been sitting for over 30 days.   
Whenever running a ski that wasn't out yesterday for a few hours, it is advised to check the spark plugs before running it for an extended period of time.
My suggestion (and what I do) is to start the ski and run it wide open for 1 solid minute, and then pull the kill lanyard while still holding throttle wide open.
Pull spark plugs and compare - they should have a brown or black coating on them, but more important they should look the same.
If one is very different (clean, white, etc), then put the ski back on the trailer and do something (rebuild, clean, readjust) the carbs prior to running it again.


3.  There are two things which can get you killed on a jetski.
 (1) Driving the ski into something (another ski, boat, a dock, etc).
Skis don't have brakes (well, some do, but that is only the most modern new skis),
so using the throttle and steering to avoid collisions is a critical basic skill. Practice it, and teach it.


 (2) Pulling a tuber and having the tube collide with (another ski, boat, a dock, etc).
Shore obstructions and other boats and skis are a big danger for tubers - plan accordingly.


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